Family Tradition and Uniqueness

  • Dedicating proudly as the “Professional of Rice” beyond a century since 1919.
  • Owned and managed by good family tradition.
  • Passion to contribute our society and industry.
  • “Professional Use” oriented approaches by our dedicated staffs achieve our unique and distinguished status in the industry.
  • Deliver safe, reliable, healthy and tasty rice products is our motto and promise to our customers.


As a group of food professionals, all employees of the Senda Group are highly motivated and passionate about the constant themes of “tasty with safety”, “healthy eating habits” and “a safe environment”. We will continue to take on the challenge of creating a richer life for everyone.


Norihisa Senda President & CEO
Senda Mizuho Limited
Jumbolia, Inc.


Head Office, Rice Mill & Jumbolia Food Centre (Cooked Rice and Meal Manufacturing Unit)


One of oldest internationally opened ports in Japan
– Heart of international trades –

Yokohama Rice Mill
We are always working under the best possible conditions in order to deliver delicious rice to our customers. We have introduced the latest equipment for quality control as well as rice-polishing machines and other related equipment. In addition, we acquired FSSC22000 certification in July 2019 to meet the demands for higher standards of safety and security.


One of heart-lands for rice cultivation in Japan

Niigata Rice Mill
The mill produces, in addition to milled rice for tables, a wide range of rice products to meet the needs of food processing industry including miso paste, rice crackers and Sake. Major Sake brewers, miso makers, rice snack makers, breweries etc. All require their own special rice milling processes to meet the customers’ needs. In addition, in October 2020, we obtained HACCP certification for rice milling, enabling us to respond to higher-level demands for safety and security.

Jumbolia Food Center

We manufacture products that go directly into the mouths of consumers, such as cooked white rice, sushi rice, lunch boxes, rice balls, rolls, inari, okowa etc. Rice that meets demand is supplied from our group company’s rice mill in a timely fashion. We develop and manufacture products with all our heart so that you enjoy delicious meals easily. We were also accreditted ISO 22000 certification in June 2020 to meet the demands for higher standards of safety and security.


Physical and chemical inspection

We check whiteness, moisture, foreign matter, grain shape, taste, and also temperature changes during rice cooking of all incoming raw materials and milled rice products by analyzer designed for physical and chemical factors. We never compromise our duty and efforts to deliver safe products to our customers.

Cooked Rice
We conduct a variety of safety management, mainly based on bacterial testing, sensory testing, and testing for deterioration over time.

Sensory inspection

We do not rely only on machine analyzers, but also check the quality by human sensors i.e. eating. We have our own rice panelists who have passed strict tests to lead this process.

Customer Service
Provision of rice cooking manuals
We provide rice cooking manuals tailored to each store’s kitchen facilities and kitchen environment. Regardless of whether it is washed rice or general milled rice, we provide the most suitable manual according to the customer’s rice cooking environment. We conduct regular rice cooking tests and store visits to provide integrated “quality checks and customer support” from before to after delivery.

Traceability system
Certification by a third-party certification organization
We have established our own traceability system that follows the organic certification system to trace back from shipping destination, manufacturring process to the incoming raw materials. This system has been certified by a third- party certification organization to maintain the certainty of the system.

Initiatives for SDGs

As a member of creating a sustainable society, the Senda Group promotes the SDGs in its products and corporate activities.

As a group of professionals in the food industry, all employees of the Senda Group will act with high aspirations and passion to challenge the universal theme of providing “safe taste”, “healthy dietary life” and “safe environment” to create a rich life for everyone.

With the above food safety policy as our motto, we aim to contribute to achieve the SDGs.